Cybersecurity & IT-Forensic

With our extensive global reach and experienced team of cybersecurity, it-forensics and data privacy lawyers, Glance & Fitch is well-equipped to assist clients with a wide range of domestic, international, and cross-border privacy issues. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with increasing threats to businesses‘ critical information, assets, and bottom lines. Breaches are becoming larger and more sophisticated, regulators are imposing a growing and shifting array of requirements and standards, and litigation poses significant risks. It is crucial for businesses to adopt a strategic approach to address the cyber threats they face, whether related to consumer or employee information, intellectual property, or product safety, and to mitigate the associated legal, business, and reputational risks.

At Glance & Fitch, we offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to cybersecurity and data privacy challenges, providing strategic thinking and practical legal advice to our clients. Our practice comprises over 70 lawyers worldwide from various disciplines, including litigation, regulatory, corporate, government affairs, global trade, intellectual property, enforcement, employment, insurance, and technology & IP transactions. Leveraging our broad and deep experience in these key areas, we assemble tailored teams to address the specific issues faced by our clients. This approach sets us apart from other firms that rely on a „one size fits all“ approach, attempting to cover the wide range of ever-increasing and complex privacy and security issues.

Our global platform enables us to deliver exceptional service to clients around the world. With lawyers from Glance & Fitch and affiliated firms located across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we possess in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of the cybersecurity and data privacy statutes and regulations in their respective jurisdictions. This experience and global capability allow us to effectively address complex international cybersecurity and data privacy issues, such as developing enterprise-wide privacy frameworks, advising on international data transfers, or assisting with data breach responses in multiple jurisdictions. Our lawyers proactively guide clients in navigating international developments, including the Safe Harbor decision, the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, or changes to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in Hong Kong. Additionally, our practice maintains a strong network of local counsel in countries where we do not have offices, collaborating with them as necessary.